What if you could take a class that analyzed Luke Skywalker the same way professors analyze Alexander the Great?  What if Ned Stark was treated the same way historians treat Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand? Or if Harry Potter’s life was talked about the way we talk about George Washington?  Prophessor S.T. Gillery answers these timeless questions and more with the Fantastical History Podcast.       

Fantastical History was created through a few odd run-ins and mishaps with adventure, sword, sorcery, and romance. 

During his doctoral research on the relationship between classism and magicianship, Prophessor S.T. Gillery stumbled upon ancient texts that have since been interwoven into our Pop Cultural DNA.  Once he received his PhD from the University of Know It All Know Nothings, he has given a small bribe to a local artisan, escaped 4.5 assassination attempts by a not so secret organization, and traveled on the seven known continents (and three unknown) to discover more ancient texts that have influenced our world. 

Since then Prophessor S.T. Gillery took it upon himself to dedicate his life and work to retell these stories in the manner of how they should have been told in the first place: through the lenses of His and Her story. 

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You can find other works related to him through the website of his cousin/alter-ego/arch nemesis at

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